The questions that need to be asked to understand the many facets of a business project

Starting a business

Starting a business

Mastering the basics of entrepreneurship

Although starting a business is a fairly easy thing to do, the hardest part of an entrepreneurial venture is running the company. Indeed, to launch a start-up business, you need to be able to harness and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Starting an e-commerce business

Starting an e-commerce business

To launch your online shop, you need to draft a solid business plan and properly analyse the market!

Launching a start-up business

Launching a start-up company involves choosing a corporate form and the means of financing your project.

Opening a franchise

This act involves signing a franchise agreement with the company in question.


Drafting a business plan


Picking a catchy brand name


Choosing a head office

experience produit

Product Experience

The keys to a successful product experience


Publishing the right information at the right time

A product experience is an encounter between a product and customers, regardless of the sales channel used: printed catalogues, Internet, physical point of sale, etc. Note that e-commerce platforms work on influencing the purchasing act by using the PIM solution, whose task is to centralise product information.

solutions PIM

Turning to PIM solutions

Product Information Management is a tool of collecting information from several sources.

Using PXM software

Similar to PIM software, the Product Experience Managemen (PXM) solution boosts the product experience.

Understanding CXM

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is an upgrade for CRM thanks to a personalised customer experience.

The legal form

Choosing a company’s legal form

This action depends on the characteristics of your company. Note that it is highly recommended that you have your choice validated by a professional in the field as this is a complex phase in any entrepreneurship project, one that must be carried out in accordance with several crucial parameters. For instance, it is necessary to make sure the project is compliant with the tax system and that the social form and the manager conditions are compatible with each other. In the same vein, you should accurately define the characteristics of the company, including the nature of the activity and the number of partners. Finally, check that the legal form chosen is compatible with your business prospects.

Choosing a company’s legal form

The business dashboard: the best tool for steering your company past obstacles

Management dashboards

The dashboard allows you to visualise the use and monitoring of relevant data in the form of graphs, ratios and figures. The key performance indicators or KPIs are linked to actions aimed at making decisions. Thanks to these, entrepreneurs can easily control the development of their projects by monitoring financial, commercial and marketing objectives. The management dashboard presents a set of indicators to help them assess a situation, prevent critical deviations from the planned course, guide them in their decisions and motivate their teams in monitoring their own objectives. In a nutshell, the dashboard is used to analyse every particular situation!