How to control the quality of your product data?

Only the most knowledgeable managers explore the power of acquiring and establishing best practices to optimize the uses of data. The main goal is to improve the level of data essence. But there can be problems if companies start fixing and cleaning them randomly. So, how do you master the essence of your data?

Establishing rules

In general, increasing the level of data essence means increasing the timeliness of business data. The first step is to identify the requirements. It is necessary to ascertain the services of the users in order to capture their expectations and business goals regarding the use of these potentials. Then, these data will be gathered to a shared analysis on the business outcome of the data quality issues. And it is possible that these data are translated into key forms. These keys assess the usefulness, completeness and freshness of the data, as well as the linkage of value sizes in various systems against established sources. In the context of this mechanism, it is advisable to set up an essential formula to simplify the growth of data validation processes.

Use essential tools

Data Manager: With custom information processing standards, Data Manager helps you to immediately collect, improve, or remove information from your mobile applications and website. There is no need to change your code to renovate the data produced. Tag Inspector: This tool can help you check the essence of your data and easily examine tags even without specialized verification. The tag variables are unambiguous and readable. Therefore, you can immediately see the downloaded data Tag crawler: this can analyze all the pages of the website in order to test if the AT Internet Analytics tag is present and in application as it should be. This tool also displays the number of re-evaluated pages as well as the tagging rate and the set of tagged pages.

Perform a data compliance audit

There is a need to extend automated validation activities for recorded information that will enforce established essence standards. Strategic development allows for the distribution of validation processes and standards across all IT processes and applications to ensure continuous verification and measurement of the essence of the information. In different reporting systems, such as alerts and immediate notifications sent to results data managers, it is possible that results are included to verify dashboards that show aggregate employee engagement, extremely essential data violations and very dangerous accidents.

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