How can I get reimbursed for my training expenses?

There are a few procedures that must be followed in order to obtain reimbursement for training expenses. In addition, certain factors must be respected in order to avoid unforeseen events. It is preferable to be accompanied by a professional who can help you with all the necessary steps.

How can I get reimbursed for my training expenses?

To obtain reimbursement for training expenses, there are a few basic steps you must take. First, you must obtain a training agreement. You will need an instructor and an instructional course to attend. The agreement must include the number of hours of training and the fee. This is a legal agreement for you and the instructor alike. Next, you must apply to a specialized organization. This organization has the possibility to grant a total or partial financing. After the company has responded, you can start the training. At the end of the session, do not forget to collect and check the attendance sheets. This will be a proof for your attendance. Then, the organization will reimburse you.

Conditions of reimbursement

Employees with permanent contracts must have at least two years of experience, one of which appears to be in the company, to be eligible for compensation. They must also ask their employer for an individual training leave (CIF), which must be valid for the period of the training. If the employer is up to date with its payments, reimbursement will be made by the Fongécif (Fund for the management of individual training leave) or the Opacif (Approved parity organization for the individual training leave). Workers on fixed-term contracts must have worked for at least 2 years in the previous 5 years and for at least 4 months in the current year. Finally, civil servants must have at least three years of experience and not have undergone any specialized training during this period. Job seekers can also be paid for their training through the "Return to employment assistance" program of Employment Center or the "Personal account of training" program (partial reimbursement). In case the training is included in the predetermined list of reimbursements, the Social Security and Family Allowances Contribution Collection Union (URSSAF) will compensate the self- employed.

Professional training reimbursement terms

To be reimbursed for training and related expenses, you must submit a request with supporting documentation. This includes the invoice for the training program, which consists of the name, type, duration and cost. You must also provide your training certificate. The training contract is the most important document. It is an agreement that specifies the financial terms of the training and it is signed by the applicant and the training organization.

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