How to implement a successful PIM project?

A PIM project is a project that configures the tools that enable you to achieve your goals faster and easier. It will help you develop best practices for implementing and using the perfect PIM solution for your business, not your competitors' business.

What is a PIM?

To begin with, a PIM stands for "Product Information Management". Its objectives are to collect, store, enrich and publish the product information of a company. It collects and stores the product information of a company in a single reference. Then, it enriches and personalizes the product information especially the marketing data and translates the product information. And finally, it publishes this information in various formats such as Excel, XML or FAB-DIS, etc. It then, distributes it to different channels. A PIM solution will allow the implementation of tools and processes to ensure the quality and management of product data, making them available to users. And for best practices, generate more sales with the Goaland PIM solution.

How to implement a successful PIM project?

A PIM project should be considered as a project building solution for a company involving several   services and framing them. Eventually, a PIM project must be carried by all the departments of the company including the marketing department, the sales department, and the communication department. The other services of the company can also have their own impact according to their needs. Throughout the whole process, they should be bound together and keep this union until the project is completely set up. In order to create and well manage this dynamic of change, the chief officers have to designate a person to conduct the task. This person will be in charge, will depend on the top management and will indicate the will of the company to implement the PIM project. While technology and tools can help you, the human factor remains the key in the product data maintenance and creation process. It is thus essential to deploy the company's data culture and then set up a data governance, to define the responsibilities and roles of the various actors.

Why do we use a PIM solution?

First of all, a PIM solution is a good product data management solution, aiming to maintain competitive advantages in an ever-changing market. The PIM solution is used to improve the quality of product data; eliminate silos; disseminate data in multiple channels; and use up-to-date and reliable reference information. Thus, the PIM solution also allows to optimize the market time; to improve the relationship between suppliers and customers; and to write the integration costs and the data maintenance. Besides, it helps to control the information disseminated to the distribution channels; to increase the productivity; to produce the reporting of the products and to obtain the best return on the investment.

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