What are the information sources of a PIM tool?

In this digital age, data are constantly increasing, making it difficult for professionals to cope with this massive amount of information. The same is true for product information. It is very important for the development of every business. Fortunately, there is a software solution for Product Information Management. This software offers many advantages.

Why is PIM software important?

As you probably know, the marketing of digital products (e-shop, e-commerce site, etc.) is currently done through content creation. Each product has its own particularities: precise and detailed description, its own properties (dimensions, weight, etc.), attracting photos showing the product from different angles, etc. So how do you manage your product information with Goaland? Product Information Management (PIM) software is a solution for managing product information. This tool meets the needs of companies for digital product content. The PIM software solution will centralize and structure all information for accurate and fast distribution to various information channels. Once all the related data to the offered products for sale are centralized via the PIM software, it will be easier to leverage them for the success of your digital marketing project. Therefore, the more complex and voluminous a company's products are, the more necessary and effective a PIM solution will be.

What data are managed by the PIM?

The ultimate goal of PIM is to publish your various product data. Product Information Management is specifically an advertising, marketing and productivity tool designed to help you keep your product information up-to-date. This is why PIM can manage certain product data such as:
  • Commercial and marketing data of the product (descriptions, specification, strengths, arguments, markets...),
  • Technical data (performance, product dimensions...),
  • Pricing and logistic data (public price, palletization plan...),
  • Regulatory data (conformities, certificates...),
  • Documents concerning the product (product sheet, assembly instructions...),
  • Videos and visuals (ambient visuals, naked product...).

The benefits of using PIM

PIM helps companies collect, process and enrich all the data and features of the products you sell on your e-commerce site. Your product information management system will quickly become an important tool for managing the product features you offer and promote on your online website. In fact, the vast majority of consumers prefer to search for product information online before purchasing any. With PIM, you can have quality and well enriched information about the products you sell online.

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