Purchasing groups: why is PIM an indispensable tool?

The PIM tool allows to control and manage the information of a product in a simple and efficient way, in order to advance the execution of certain tasks. It centralizes these data in a single place, so that they can be well controlled. The PIM, Product Information Management, is therefore considered a key tool within a commercial enterprise. But what makes PIM so vital for buying groups?

What is PIM or Product Information Management?

Generally speaking, PIM is defined as an efficient system that gathers all the actions and materials that groups develop to manage the data necessary for the sale and marketing of a specific product. In fact, it gathers the company's data distinguishing the product in a unique place: its history, its full description, its name, related significant photos and particular information (measures, weight, size...). This is done to coordinate, optimize and distribute them to the sales channels. This option is sometimes the result of an exclusive collaboration with a certain e-commerce professional.

How does the PIM work?

The PIM solution allows the implementation of processes and tools, with the aim of reinforcing the management and quality of information. The user will have at his disposal appropriate solutions to be able to organize, structure and fill in essential data. The PIM also provides content writing tools to optimize the quality of articles and workflows on the web page. Thus, it will send users alerts and notifications to simplify the organization and control of tasks and products on a database. In addition, the PIM will develop, import and export capabilities for distributed product data.

Why is PIM considered an essential tool for buying groups?

E-commerce represents a considerable success in the digital evolution. The number of sales is increasing very fast. Therefore, it has a significant impact on the buying process of consumers. Currently, the purchase activity on commercial sites and mobile devices still lacks distribution channels. However, many companies are adopting PIM solution to provide a good omnichannel experience to their customers. PIM is a strategic marketing tool for e-commerce specialists: the idea is to choose a better distribution channel, while informing customers about the products offered at the right time. Data distribution will be contextualized. Thus, it is essential to opt for this PIM software in order to effectively manage the data produced. The implementation of PIM software allows for a consistent and relevant product experience: today, specific customer needs change instantly. Therefore, this solution should be adopted to energize digital marketing experts and mobilize the various distribution channels. As a result, the conversion rate will improve and the number of cart abandonments will decrease. PIM allows to enrich the product data collaboratively: before making a purchase, buyers first analyze the prices or reviews. But by using this PIM software, the company will manage to get all the necessary information about the products.

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