What is inbound marketing?

In order to get new customers, companies use various marketing processes. This approach to success has often been expensive and less sustainable, since the returns do not persist once investments cease. Thus, inbound marketing has emerged to avoid all this.

What is inbound marketing?

Initiated by Seth Godin, inbound marketing stands for permission marketing. It is used to bring in customers, instead of looking for them. This tool is based on a policy of making content that attracts visitors to your blog and website. From a technical point of view (such as blogging, engagement on social networks, lead nurturing and marketing automation), it aims to turn them into leads and then end up as customers. This marketing policy is assisted by the addition of all-in-one reporting mechanisms. On marketing efforts, this allows to generate the return on investment.

Inbound marketing: what are the key elements?

Inbound marketing is based on four key elements. The first one, called marketing personas, allows to gain customers with the help of fictitious and typical profiles. The second key is the creation of quality content. This starts with the needs of the marketing personas or buyer personas. It will then determine the specifics of the content to be produced. The next is based on the implementation of an optimized website. In order to make the user experience ideal and achieve the goals, the addition of ergonomic and graphic work to optimize the site is important. Named marketing automation, this last key also allows to unload the work related to the processing and transmission of various data within the organization.

The advantages of inbound marketing

The first thing that comes to mind for many business leaders or marketers is the cost. However, inbound marketing can generate leads at a much cheaper amount than traditional marketing. This makes its use so convenient for any organization that has precise control over its marketing budget. Likewise, the return on investment is justified in terms of the marketing efforts. Moreover, the main goal of inbound marketing is to create a lasting connection between customers and prospects. Moreover, it is feasible to produce leads for an indefinite period of time by giving quality content. Surely, instead of doing an advertising campaign, it can be more time consuming to install an inbound marketing strategy.

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